Preparing Items

We commit to the highest quality standard of our consignor’s items.  We will inspect your items to ensure it is in compliance of our preparation instructions. Any items that do not meet our standards will be returned to the consignor and if possible be worked on. We will provide simple tips for you.

We gain our shoppers loyalty through the quality of our items.  Prepare them pleasing to an eye of a shopper. Always remember, it is all about presentation. Name brands are always a hit of course.

Our goal is to sell your items in the least amount of your time and effort so we are offering 50% off on the last sale date to the public.  You have an option to lower your price on all or most of your items, donate the items that do not sell, or sell unsold items for the next event.  All items marked as donated will be given to charity.  All of these options are available for you when entering items using our online inventory.

Note: Please ensure to schedule more than one drop off shifts if you have more than 300 items consigned. This will expedite the inspection and organization of all items during drop off.  Emails about preparing items and reminders will be sent throughout the event so please check your emails and don’t miss out!


1. Your choice of either Tag Gun or  Safety Pins. We recommend using a tag gun as it will save you money,  click here to purchase. Please give enough time when ordering the tag gun.  Due to it’s reduced price it may take 2-3 weeks before it arrives. We are not affiliated with the tag gun online store.  We just recommend it due to it’s low price.
2. White Cardstock
3. Hangers – put identifier (colored masking tape or ribbon if you would like them back)
4. Ziploc bags or saran wraps for puzzles/bigger toys with pieces
5. Colored tape/ribbon/spray paint – hanger markers
6. Zip ties
7. Lysol or non-bleach Clorox wipes
8. Big storage bin (for storing tagged items). Please make sure your consignor number is on your bin.

Click here to download and print the full list of items




  • Ensure that all clothing are  freshly cleaned.  Inspect for missing buttons, holes, noticeable fading of color or shirt logos.  Clothing that has unpleasant odor will not be accepted.
  • Take some time to iron wrinkly clothing if necessary, it raises the market value of your item.
  • Group your clothing in sizes and gender, this will speed up the drop off process.
  • Make sure hanger’s hook is facing left when hanging clothes.  It should look like a question mark (?)

Refer to pictures below:

  • For two piece outfits using the hanger, the shirt should be in the front and pants can be connected to the shirt using a tag gun or safety pin.
  • Individual Jeans/Pants requires to be hanged as well. They will be placed in racks. Ensure pants are pinned correctly. Avoid pinning them at the bottom of the hanger as they come off easy.
  • Please be cautious in using the Tag Gun.  Check out the How To link on how to properly tag your clothing. When poking a whole it has to be at the corner seam of the clothing to prevent holes.

Item description in your bar-coded tag should include:

  • BRAND name is eye catching so make sure you include that – buyers love this!
  • Numeric size or XS, S, M, L
  • Number of pieces ( e.g. 2- piece, 3- piece set)
  • If item is new add that piece of information – buyers like to know if item has never been used
  • You have an option to DONATE unsold items, you can indicate this during tagging
  • You have an option to mark your items 50%  at the last day of sale so it will help it sold sooner

Refer to picture below:

NOTE in pricing your items:

When pricing items, always position yourself as the buyer. If unsure how to price your items, Click here to download and print price guidelines to assist you in pricing your items.  It is also available on links in the right hand section of the page.

  • Make sure you disinfect all toys. (You can either use Lysol or Clorox non bleach wipes).  Clean toys are worth more for resale.  Ensure at the time of arrival all toys are dry and ready for display.
  • ALL toys must have working batteries. They sell well.
  • Use clear masking tape to attach the bar-coded tag. Make sure that you DO NOT put tape over the barcode area as the scanner will not be able to read it.
  • If the toys are in pieces it is recommended to place them in a Ziploc bag so you don’t lose pieces and tape them seal.   Puzzles and toys with many pieces can be secured using saran wrap.  We have industrial saran wrap we can spare if you have large items that will require to be wrapped as well. You can tape over the Ziploc to secure smaller items even more.   Buyers like all pieces intact.
  • Check toys if it has been recalled and included in the list of lead paint hazard by going to  Any toys that is chipping, and or missing pieces will be rejected.


Use zip ties to secure shoes or put them in a Ziploc if they fit.  Tape the bar-coded tag at the bottom of the shoe, make sure that you do not tape over the bar-code area.

BEDDING and other items:

Use small, medium, or large Ziploc bags for the following:

  • Socks
  • Receiving blankets
  • Crib Accessories
  • Bibs
  • Other kids accessories

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