Consignors Information

KD Racks utilizes a scanning system that allows you to have a complete inventory of the items you are selling. It also provides a much faster and error free checkout process for shoppers. Our main goal is to have an organized and stress free event for you and the shoppers. As a registered consignor, you can make from 65% to 70% of your sale, get paid after 2 weeks of the event and receive PreSale passes to shop before the general public.  

To consign, follow these four easy steps.


Register online, you can pay using PayPal or credit card. There is a $15 non-refundable consignor fee. Once registered, you will be provided with a Consignor ID to access our online inventory to price your items, select items to go half price on the last day of sale, mark items you want to donate, and monitor your items as they are being sold. Click here to register or you can select the “New Consignors” link under “Sign-Up/Login“.  If you are a returning consignor, Click here to register.  Returning consignors can also select “Register For Our Upcoming Sale” link after logging in.  If you are a Consignor from another sale that uses the same inventory system, please contact us on how to transfer your inventory to our sale.  This will save you time to re-enter items in the inventory!

Check out our Workers Page for more information on how to earn 70% of your sale!

** Online registration and item entries are open until 10:00pm on May 26nd (TUSDAY).  Tags can STILL be printed after Monday, but you have to enter all your items by that date **


Prepare your sale items by washing and ironing to make them presentable. Gather the tools you’ll need to tag and package your items (check out our Preparing Items page). Log in using your consignor number and password to work on your inventory for your sale items. Print your bar-coded tags and attach them to your items. Organize your items by type, gender, and size, then place the items in large storage bins.  Check our Acceptable Items link under “Sale Guidelines”, any items that do not meet our guidelines will not be accepted during Check-In.

** We are Accepting Spring and Summer Clothing**


Check-in your prepared and organized items at the sale by dropping them off during your designated check-in appointment time (you can sign up for an appointment after you have registered as a consignor and for over 300 consigned items please sign up for more than one schedule). Consigning will get you a Presale pass for the event. You can also sign up as a Volunteer and work up to 8 hours.   As a Consignor and Volunteer, you will have the maximum benefit we can offer!


Check out by picking up your unsold items at the end of the sale. Although we recommend donating any unsold items, we understand you wanting your items back if they do not sell. But do you really want toys, clothes, and other items back after you’ve already cleaned out the closets? We will be happy to donate them for you to a local charity that could really use them. Make sure that you go through all your items during pick up and let us know of any discrepancies.*******Any items not picked up by the end of the Pick-Up time, will be donated to the local charity ( We have to be completely out of the facility that night)*************. Click here to view the pickup schedule or check the “Event Schedule” page.

You have two different options to get your money.

  1. A check from your sales will be mailed two weeks after the sales event.
  2. Get paid through Pay Pal (all we need is your pay pal information).

Not computer savvy? No problem! Email Us for any questions or concerns, we are here to walk you through the process!


So what are you waiting for? Consign now and let’s start tagging!

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